About Experiment with Light


Experiment with Light is a Quaker practice which is based on early Friends' discoveries. It was devised in 1996 by Quaker and theologian Rex Ambler, following his study of early Friends' writings.

At the core of the practice is a meditation that guides Experimenters through the following steps:

  • Mind the Light (pay attention to what's going on inside you, particularly where there's something that makes you feel uncomfortable)
  • Open your heart to the truth (don't run away from anything that's difficult or that you don't want to face, but keep a little distance from it: 'be still and cool in thy mind')
  • Wait in the Light (be patient, let the Light show you what is really going on, ask questions if what is offered to you isn't clear or you want to know more, and wait for the answers to come, don't try to explain)
  • Submit (accept and welcome the information or images, and the insights, dreams and perceptions that may come later, and allow them to show the truth)

Experiment with Light is often practised in Light Groups that have sprung up in many places.


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